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Queen’s Prize

Queen’s Prize

February 17, 2013

LaVeta High School  Gym


February 17, 2013

Site opens 10am – closes 5:30pm

Site Fee for Queen’s Prize: $10.00 Adult/ $5.00 Children

Weekend Site Fee : $15.00 Adult/ $7.00 Children

Daytrip Family Cap $30.00 – Weekend Family Cap $37.00

Lunch is included with site fee both days

As the forest home of the Stag is ever renewed by the sapling, so too are the Outlands enriched by those newly come to the practice of Art and Science. To that end, Yasamin Khatun, Patroness of the Arts, calls upon all artisans of humble station to seek a patron and to present themselves to vie for Her favour at Her Majesty’s Prize Tournament. Further, She charges both those who hold a Grant or Patent in their art and the members of the Order of the Rose to seek out and prepare such budding artisans, that they might come without fear to this noble display and company to show the fruits of their study.

Queen’s Prize Tournament is a celebration of beginning artisans in the Outlands. While Her Majesty will chose an entry upon which to bestow Her Prize, the purpose of QPT is to share the joy of one’s art with others. Entries will not be scored; comments will be available for those who wish feedback.


Take your best route on the King’s Highway (I-25) to exit 52 (US-160 Walsenburg/Alamosa

Turn west on US-160 W also known as 7th Street, proceed 11.2 miles

Turn Left on CO-12 E, proceed 5 miles

Turn left on E Garland Street, the event will be on the right

Event Schedule:

10:00 Site Opens

10:30 Opening Court

11:00 Competition begins (entries need to be on tables)

12:30 lunch

1:30 Offsite brewing tasting

4:00 Closing Court

5:30 Site closes

Anyone holding a rank lower than a Grant in the Arts or Sciences may enter. Each entrant must be sponsored by either an individual who holds a Grant or higher in the Arts or a Lady of the Rose.

Both entrant and sponsor should be planning to attend the event.

Please refer to the Kingdom Arts and Sciences page at for rules and regulations.

Documentation Requirement: Written documentation can be minimal, or can be as detailed as you like. When her majesty visit you to check out your entry, she will talk, and you can fill her in on what you think she should know. (Written documentation for this is mostly for the benefit of those who’d like feedback on it before kingdom A&S, and lets interested people know more about your entry. She actually enjoys reading extensive documentation, but she will very likely not have time to read anyone’s docs on site.)

Works in progress will be allowed to enter.

To register, please contact the Competition Coordinator at the email address below with the following information: Title of Entry, Entrant Name, Entrant Email, Sponsor’s Name, Sponsor’s Email.

Registration of entries will be due on or before February 8th, 2013. Please submit research papers electronically to the Competition Coordinator no later than January 28th, 2013.

Queens Prize Competition Coordinator: Master Thorsinn Vandringsmann (email:; phone: (719)271-5496. No calls after 9pm, please.)

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One thought on “Queen’s Prize

  1. Hi. I noticed lunch is included in gate fee for both days yet i do not see a fee for sat. feast. If not sold out just yet i do wish to “feast”. Thank you!

    Lady Basseva

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