Shire of Villaleon

Kingdom of the Outlands – Society for Creative Anachronism

Staff and Contact Information

Send reservations to:
P O Box 771, Walsenburg  CO  81089
Feast is restricted to 120 and reservations are requested no later than January 31.
Feast is SOLD OUT. Spaces are still open for servers!

Corazon del Leon Event Steward:
Lady Ildaria de Zaragozza
719-738-4860 (please ask for Bobbie)
bmarcus @ q . com

Corazon tournament and general event and site questions, crash space, or to volunteer for marshaling or other event activities

Queen’s Prize Event Steward:
Master Thorsinn Vandringsmann
vandringsman @ gmail . com

Queen’s Prize registration and general event and site questions

Head Cook:
Lady Liepa Jonaite
lyndyn29 @ gmail . com

Feast reservations, questions,  ingredient lists, or to volunteer for kitchen, serving, or cleanup crew.

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2 thoughts on “Staff and Contact Information

  1. The OH shows the site is DRY/WET. ;-) Which is true for the feast site?

    • I know, that’s very confusing! I don’t know how that happened. To clarify: Saturday (Corazon tourney and feast) site is discreetly wet, and Sunday (Queen’s Prize) site is STRICTLY dry.

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