Shire of Villaleon

Kingdom of the Outlands – Society for Creative Anachronism

Meals and Feast

NOTE: Saturday Feast is SOLD OUT.


Kitab al tabikh fi-l-Maghrib wa-l-Andalus fi `asr al-Muwahhidin, li-mu’allif majhul

(The Book of Cooking in Maghreb and Andalus in the era of Almohads, by an unknown author.)

Saturday Brunch

included with site fee
cold sideboard dishes served from 11am-3pm; hot dishes served from 12pm-2pm
Coffee ~ Chai ~ Lemon-quince water
Various pastries
Fresh and dried fruit
A Jewish Dish of Chicken (spicy chicken in sauce)
Sanbusak (various savory stuffed pastries)
Saffron rice

Saturday Feast

Rose water ~ pomegranate water ~ hot citrus tea

First course
Kâfûriyya (braised chicken with lemon sauce)
Tharîda of Abu al-Hasan al-Bunani
(bread pudding with spinach and cheese)
Muzawwara (cold lentil salad)

Second course
Arash and Mirkâs (various sausages and meatballs)
Kuskusû Fityâni (cous cous)
Artichokes with lemon

Third course
Tasting platters – surprise!

Fourth course
Khabîsa with Pomegranate (pomegranate pudding)
Honeyed Rice Pudding
Various pastries

Sunday Lunch

included with site fee
Various pastries
Fresh and dried fruit
Tufahiyya (chicken and apple stew)
Sanbusak (various savory stuffed pastries)

Please contact Lady Liepa Jonaite at lyndyn29 @ gmail . com or 719.334.6937 or leave a comment here  for reservations, questions,  ingredient lists, or to volunteer for kitchen, serving, or cleanup crew.

Sensitivities, allergies, and restrictions: This is a pork-free feast and there are a variety of meatless options in each course. Dishes containing nuts will be clearly marked or identified by servers. This feast contains a number of other food triggers, including dairy, citrus, fish, and onions; please inquire!

10 thoughts on “Meals and Feast

  1. I am so excited! We have a group of 3 — should we reserve for feast?

  2. Definitely! We came awfully close to selling out last year!

  3. How much is the feast? (Can’t find that info here or in the OH.) Or, maybe we don’t need to send money with a postal mailed reservation? I need 2.

    • I’m so sorry I missed this! The feast price was left out of the OH by accident, and for that reason we’re accepting soft reservations although we’d originally planned not to. I’ve passed your reservation on to Ildaria!

  4. FYI, the time shown on these replies is 7 hours fast.

  5. Just had gallbladder removed yet I have heard far and wide of your shire’s awesome feasts! Celiac issues…. I can probably eat a bit of the poultry dishes if there is no gluten or sulfites/nitrates. Can also nibble on fresh/dried veggies and fruits. Can eat some dairy if it is not a main ingred.

    Also looking for crash space in dwelling of non-smokers or at an inn with someone overnight-can assist with splitting monetary costs.

    Thank you,

    Thank you

  6. Replied privately!

  7. antoine francesco need to revers two for feast

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