Shire of Villaleon

Kingdom of the Outlands – Society for Creative Anachronism

Corazon del Leon Defender Tournament

Tournament Schedule

all times are approximate and may change without notice at the discretion of the Crown or Event Steward

9:00 AM Site opens
A&S setup opens
9:30 AM Heavy Combat list opens
Archery range open/practice schoot
10:30 AM Heavy Combat and Archery tournaments begins
1:00 PM Rapier list opens
1:30 PM Rapier tournament begins
1:00 PM Lunch closes
3:00 PM All tournaments close

Tournament Descriptions

Corazon del Leon will consist of a four part tournament and the overall winner must compete in three of the four events.

Heavy Weapons: 

more info coming soon


Rapier tournament format will be THE VILLALEON, developed last year for this event. Combatants will be divided into two (or more!) teams, which will line up opposite one another. Each fighter must kill the assigned individual opponent, directly opposite him or her in the beginning lineup, before joining the general mini-melee. Last standing wins the round. Finals format will be determined on the basis of available time.


Archery will run all day after the practice hour (10:30am-3pm).  In order to ensure that everyone has a chance to compete for the overall Defender title, from 12-1:30pm, please give preference to those archers also participating in BOTH Heavy and Rapier tournaments.

Arts and Sciences:

Populace choice A&S competition.

  • Entrants will NOT be expected to sit their displays. Please mark your documentation clearly with your name!
  • Documentation: 3×5 card minimum, 3 page maximum.
  • Please provide a placemat, small tablecloth, or other boundary for your display and documentation as entries may be sharing tables.

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2 thoughts on “Corazon del Leon Defender Tournament

  1. i was wondering if there is any way i may help with MOL i am the new MOL from dragonspine and have not had any practical exerance yet and would love to cut my teath at your event thank you

    in siervice
    antoine francesco

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