Shire of Villaleon

Kingdom of the Outlands – Society for Creative Anachronism

Corazon del Leon Defender Tournament

Tournament Schedule

all times are approximate and may change without notice at the discretion of the Event Steward

9:00 AM Site opens
A&S setup opens
9:30 AM Heavy Combat list opens
Archery range open/practice schoot
10:30 AM Heavy Combat and Archery tournaments begins
1:00 PM Rapier list opens
1:30 PM Rapier tournament begins
1:00 PM Lunch closes
3:00 PM All tournaments close

Tournament Descriptions

Corazon del Leon will consist of a four part tournament and the overall winner must compete in three of the four events.

Heavy Weapons



Archery will run all day after the practice hour (10:30am-3pm).  In order to ensure that everyone has a chance to compete for the overall Defender title, from 12-1:30pm, please give preference to those archers also participating in BOTH Heavy and Rapier tournaments.

Arts and Sciences

Populace choice A&S competition.

  • Entrants will NOT be expected to sit their displays. Please mark your documentation clearly with your name!
  • Documentation: 3×5 card minimum, 3 page maximum.
  • Please provide a placemat, small tablecloth, or other boundary for your display and documentation as entries may be sharing tables.

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