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Corazon del Leon IV

The Habsburgs are coming! The Habsburgs are coming!

Shire of Villaleon
February 21, 2015
LaVeta 4-H Barn  – 750 Moore Street La Veta CO 81055


Greetings unto the Gracious Gentles of the Outlands from the Populous of Shire of Villaleon. We have considered the words of the weather Mages and have determined that it would be unwise to ask the warriors, fencers and archers of the Outlands to risk themselves, their loved ones and their goods and chattel to travel roads beset by terrible weather. It is with heavy hearts that we are CANCELLING Corazon de Leon IV this Saturday, February 21, 2015. We shall scan the Outlands calendar to find a date later in the year when all may travel to join us at a more pleasant time. Thank you for understanding and please address questions to Lady Ildaria de Zaragozza via text (7195682888) or email ( Information regarding refunds will be forthcoming.


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Corazon del Leon  II (A Night in Moorish Spain)
February 16, 2013
LaVeta 4-H Barn
750 Moore Street, La Veta CO 81055
Event Steward: Lady Ildaria de Zaragozza (bmarcus @ q . com)


Queen’s Prize
February 17, 2013
LaVeta High School  Gym
126 East Garland Street,  La Veta, CO 81055
Event Steward: Master Thorsinn Vandringsmann (vandringsmann@ gmail . com)
site is DRY

Site Fee for Corazon del Leon:  $10.00 Adult/ $5.00 Children (13 and under)
Feast: $  10.00  Adults  $ 5.00    Children (13 and under)
Site Fee for  Queen’s Prize:  $10.00 Adult/5.00 Children
Site Fee both events :  $   15.00    Adults/  $7.00 Children
Daytrip Family Cap $30.00 – Weekend Family Cap $37.00
Please send reservations to SCA-Shire of Villaleon
PO Box 771, Walsenburg CO 81089


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