A Day in the Shire!

Our Autumn event is approaching rapidly. Mark October 22nd on your calendars and head down to Villaleon for a day of relaxation, demonstrations, and a lovely feast. Lady Millicent and her students will serenade us with music in the morning. After that, we plan for martial and A & S demonstrations as well as time … More A Day in the Shire!

Battlemoor VII

Battlemoor VII is history. The site is quiet, the deer and turkeys play where last week knights crashed together in battle and artisans plied their crafts. It was damp and windy at times, but 933 people ventured forth to enjoy a war. Our local high school, John Mall, sent history students out to visit. Shire … More Battlemoor VII

Rapier Camp!

Our neighboring shire, Aarquelle is holding a Rapier Camp and Outlands War Collegium in July. Check out what’s going on! Better yet, Attend! For more information, check out the link below. Rapier Camp!

Corazon del Leon IV – Harvest Home

October 3 2014 Reservations to SCA – Shire of Villaleon PO Box 0771 Walsenburg CO 81089 Indoor activities, feast, gate: Fraternal Order of Eagles Lodge 614 Main St. Walsenburg CO 81089 Event Steward: Millicent of Essex (Vivian Price) Feast: Liepa Jonaite (Beth Harper) Fighting: Heritage Park Main St. between 4th & 5th across from Huerfano … More Corazon del Leon IV – Harvest Home

Corazon del Leon  II (A Night in Moorish Spain) February 16, 2013 LaVeta 4-H Barn 750 Moore Street, La Veta CO 81055 Event Steward: Lady Ildaria de Zaragozza (bmarcus @ q . com) site is DISCREETLY WET and Queen’s Prize February 17, 2013 LaVeta High School  Gym 126 East Garland Street,  La Veta, CO 81055 … More